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Review: Raw Need by Cherrie Lynn

Raw Need (Larson Brothers, #2)
Raw Need (Larson Brothers #2)
by Cherrie Lynn
Published June 27th, 2017 by Swerve

*I received an advanced e-copy of this book from the author/publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!*

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Summary from Goodreads:

Zane Larson has done everything he set out to do: conquered past demons, saved lives through his music, and toured the world as the frontman for one of the most popular rock bands in the world. This life—and an escape through music—was supposed to be everything he’s ever wanted, but after meeting Rowan, Zane’s no longer sure…

Soon after her husband’s death, Rowan Dugas learned she was pregnant. With grief and uncertainty her only companions, Rowan was only able to find an escape through music; specifically Zane Larson’s hypnotic voice. But after meeting the sexy lead singer of her favorite band, Rowan can hardly believe he’s interested in her. But Zane also has a painful connection to her unborn child - Zane's brother is responsible for her husband's death.

Torn between the only family she has left, and a life with Zane unlike anything she’s dared to dream about, Rowan’s decision will change her fate forever. This new title from New York Times bestselling author Cherrie Lynn is a heart wrenching, emotionally intense story that will leave readers breathless.



If you end up visiting this blog every so often, then you'll see on come find that I have a special love for Rockstar Romances. I absolutely LOVE music and I absolutely LOVE it when I read about bands or rock stars. Seeing Raw Need on NetGalley, I knew that I had to read it. I will admit that I didn't realize that this was the second book in the Larson Brothers series but I got caught up pretty quickly. I do recommend reading these books in order though so you can get the full experience. 

Raw Need was another pretty great read for me. I don't enjoy all books involving music that I find but I did enjoy this one. Our main character is Rowan who is a recent widow and pregnant. This book focuses on Rowan grieving and learning about what's best for her and her situation. She had a husband that died four months before this book and she's newly pregnant. It's quite a bit to take in. And to make things a little more difficult for her, there's this guy. Zane Larson is the lead singer of August on Fire which happens to be one of Rowan's favorite bands. He is also the younger brother of Rowan's friend's boyfriend. And Rowan's friend, Savannah, is also her sister-in-law. So things are pretty complicated and the book follows Rowan and Zane as they try to figure out their relationship and themselves. 

It was a little odd at first to think of Rowan being attracted in many ways to Zane and Zane to her when she had just lost a husband and was pregnant with his child. But it didn't take long for me to get past that issue and see how happy Zane made Rowan. Sometimes things happen that can't be explained and life ends up working out in the end. 

I really enjoyed learning about Rowan and Zane and watching them grow as individuals and as friends/more. They were both strong in their own ways and went through quite a bit when they were younger. Zane was always supportive of Rowan and was such a patient and caring person. I loved how he wasn't quick to give up and didn't turn to alcohol or, frankly, other women when things didn't go his way. Rowan was very strong herself and had to deal with people telling her what she should do. She goes from being scared and stressed about her mother in law to figuring out that she really knew what was best for herself and her baby. She grieves and feels depressed but also finds her happiness along the way.

The music was also one of my favorite parts of the book. Reading Rowan's descriptions of Zane's music and how she felt about it really hit home. I so understand those feelings and how a band can really understand you! But I wish that we could have learned a bit more about the rest of the band members. This book really seemed to focus on Zane and his part of the band but I would have liked to see the whole band's dynamic as well. Are they close like family or not? I'm always interested in that sort of thing. 

Also, Rowan's mother in law got on my nerves so damn much! She was a bit much sometimes and I really felt for Rowan. Savannah was a good friend but I feel like she got stuck between her mother and Rowan a lot. I understand wanting to be loyal to your mom but her mom wasn't always right and somewhat over dramatic. Near the end, Savannah starts showing a little more consideration towards Rowan so that was great. 

Overall, this was an enjoyable book that dealt with grief and finding a bright spot in some dark times. I enjoyed the music aspect and how it was healing for these characters. This book was sweet in its own way and very interesting to read. I'll definitely have to look at the two other brothers and their books! 


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